Various bonus and their conditions in Nagabola

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TRI7BET is an Indonesian online gambling website. It is one of the most used and convenient website. The website offers various gambling options to the people who love gambling or the people who are seasonal gamblers. The site provides its customers with the service of online gambling agents. The most important and safest fact about the site is it is authorized by government and trust worthy. It authorization and trust worthy attitude provide it superiority above other online gambling website. The bonus is offered to the customers. However, the scale depend form customer to customer. New customers inĀ nagabola are given various bonuses but there are certain conditions for getting bonuses.


50% bonus for new member of special sportsbook


  • This offer is applicable only for new member of sportsbooks Tri7bet.
  • For obtaining 50% one need to reach 4X deposit.
  • The offer is applicable on first deposit only, before reaching 4x deposit member cannot
    deposit or withdraw, otherwise the bonus will not be obtained.
  • In case of PARLAY bet offer is not valid.
  • Similar bank date, IP address, account number with other members leads to snatching of bonus away.
  • Minimum deposit Rp.500.000.
  • Maximum bonus Rp.5.000.000.
  • No bonus in case of fraud

0.25% full commission

5% Cash back bonus and 2.5% bonus on win for sportsbooks


  • This offer is applicable to all the members of the Tri7bet.
  • This bonus can also be combined with 50% event bonus.
  • Offer is available only on sportsbooks (MAXBET, 368BET etc.)
  • 5% cash back of loss and 2.5% bonus of will be counted every Monday.
  • The account will be updated every Monday.
  • The minimum bonus wins and given for cash back is Rp250,000.

Live casino game- 1% rolling bonus

The bonus is only given if the turnover reaches 100,000,000 for a week.
In case of cheating and irregularities the bonus will not be provided.

1.2% rollback bonus for oriental casino game

Minimum turnover of 200,000,000 within a week is required.
Minimum deposit of Rp.100.000,
Fraud and irrigations will lead to cancellation of bonus.

Bonus togel online ISin4D

It will be given every Monday at 14:00.
Withdraw limit is 3 times in a single day.
If within a week requirements are not meet then bonus will be forfeited and cannot be clubbed with next week bonus.

5% cash back bonus for joker123 game

Calculatedfrom the total loss in a week.
Minimumcash back bonus is Rp 100,000

5% cash back bonus for game 88tangkas and tangkasnet

Bonus will be calculated on the loss within a week.
Minimum bonus is Rp100.000
Bonus will be given in the form of credit and it will be given every Tuesday.